Prospective Buyers, Realtors, Home Owners Critical Information

Aero Country airport was established as a private airport that is open to general aviation in 1974. It has changed ownership four times.  In 1995 The Aero Country Property Owner Association  ( ACPOA) was established as a aviation common use community wherein the association assumed ownership and maintenance of the runway, taxi ways, and Aero Country road. Hanger and building lots are owned and maintained by individual owners.
In addition to ACPOA, there are now two other entities on the airport. They are Aero Country west, and Aero Country east.

If you are considering purchasing property at the airport, we strongly suggest that you  review the information in the “Public” section of the drop-down menu and then contact the airport board of directors, via, to arrange a time to tour the airport and be briefed on the current airport rules and regulations. We also suggest that you be aware of chain of deed restrictions and  ACPOA membership fees.

Due to the way the airport was developed, public parking is not available at any time. Airplanes ALWAYS have the right of away and can never be blocked from gaining access to the taxiways, runway, and roadways. If vehicles are blocking access and are left unattended, they are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Please be aware that the airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.